The new and improved RV/Rocket Steering Link

Installation instructions

Finally... after years of testing and hundreds of hours of flying, the new and improved "Jantzi" Steering Link is ready for public review. Various versions have been flying for about 3 years and approximately 750 hours. The Steering Link is a turnkey replacement for the "draggy looking" springs and chains that are standard issue in Van's full swivel tail wheel kits. No modifications are necessary and all hardware is included. The Steering Link has been designed to give the same spring tension feel as the standard springs, and total weight is about 33% less. Although  the installation looks  faster and sleeker, no  airspeed increase has been detected. But, I know in my heart that it must be faster.

I have several units available for immediate shipping at $US124 a set.  One set required per aircraft. All attaching hardware included. Will fit the Harmon Rocket II and F1 Rocket stock full swivel tail wheel assemblies. 

Be the first on your field to own and fly the most significant improvement to conventional gear aircraft since the wheel replaced the tail skid.

Return for full refund if you're not happy.

Remember, you must have the Van's, F1 full swivel kit or the Aviation Products conversion kit for this unit to work.


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Clean and simple. Unit has rod end bearings on both ends. Only modification needed to your aircraft is a hole drilled for an AN -3 bolt in the rudder horn. You can return to the springs and chains anytime. But why would you?


The Steering Link now will fit an Aviation Products tail wheel assembly.

 If ordering for an Aviation Products setup, please have the "hole to hole" straight line measurement with the wheel and rudder are in trail.

This is all the air molecules see as they go whizzing past the tail. Of course they wouldn't see the barn unless you were really low.